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Squid Game is definitely the hottest Netflix series of 2021, and by this point, everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock is at least aware of it. If you’re reading this, we may assume that you either want to know more about the excitement or are still reeling from the Squid Game. In either case, you are in the proper place. You’ll love the show even more after reading our list of the coolest and most fascinating Squid Game facts!

Some interesting trivia about Squid Game:

1. The director’s real life served as inspiration for the series –

I’m sure a lot of us wondered the same thing once the series ended: Is Squid Game based on a genuine story?

Not at all (and thank God for that). Interestingly, real-life incidents served as inspiration. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed in a Variety magazine interview that he was having financial difficulties when he originally started thinking of the idea for Squid Game. He read remarks such as Battle Royale and Liar Game during that period while frequenting manhwabang (manga cafes in Korea).

“I started to consider how I might feel if I participated in the games myself. However, I thought the games were too complicated, so for my own work, I concentrated on employing kid-friendly games, the filmmaker remarked. “I wanted to write a story that could be seen as an allegory or fable about contemporary capitalist society, one that shows tremendous struggle akin to the intense competition found in real life. However, I wanted to employ real-life personalities who we have all encountered.

2. Squid Game was first conceived in 2008 –

Talk about being innovative for the time! The director revealed that his script had numerous rejections and had to be shelved because it was “too strange” and “too nasty.” Director Hwang Dong-hyuk thinks the reason Netflix finally bought Squid Game in 2019 was because the world was finally ready for a story like Squid Game by that point.

He told The Korea Times that the world had evolved after around 12 years to the point where such strange, violent survival tales were really accepted. The series’ applicability to actual life was noted by viewers. Unfortunately, it is the way the world has evolved. The games in the series are extremely popular because they appeal to people’s desire to strike it rich in areas like stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrencies. The story has inspired empathy in so many individuals.

3. Squid Game is poised to surpass all previous Netflix original series in popularity –

And not simply the top Korean programme available on Netflix. Squid Game is predicted to surpass shows like Bridgerton and Lupin to become the most watched series on the streaming site.

Netflix’s vice president of content for Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Kim Min-young, claims that they have “never seen anything expand as fast and aggressively as Squid Game.” The current 37 subtitled and 34 dub versions of the global phenomenon are available.

4. HoYeon Jung made her acting debut on the series –

HoYeon Jung, who plays Kang Sae-byeok, quickly rose to the top of the Internet’s most popular searchers after the Squid Game filming wrapped up. Since then, a lot of fascinating information about the Squid Game actress has come to light. Did you know, to start, that she made her acting debut in the series?

At age 16, the actress, now 28, began modelling; acting is her most recent endeavour. She has accrued 13 million followers on Instagram since the release of Squid Game in September, making her the most popular actress. She had 400,000 followers prior to the start of the series (fun fact)!

5. In the show, the walls contained pictograms that displayed the games –

One of the craziest things we discovered about Squid Game? The series’ hints concerning the games were always concealed in plain sight, as you’ll see if you rewatch it. Only around episode four will we, the viewers, be able to decipher the pictograms. You can see all of the drawings, including a hint for the last game, by the time there are only three players left.

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Chae Kyoung-sun, the art director, said that this gimmick was actually purposeful in an interview with Netflix Korea. According to her, the players and their beds would vanish as the games continued, revealing more and more pictograms as a result. However, it seems that the performers themselves were the ones who saw it, not the show’s characters!

6. They filmed Squid Game on an actual set –

It’s not hard to assume that most of the scenes in Squid Game were shot using a green screen given how powerful the visuals were in the game. The majority of The Squid Game was actually shot on a set, which is one of the coolest Squid Game facts we discovered. The set design was given a lot of care; in fact, the series’ art director claimed that with all of the unused concepts they came up with, they could make an entire show!

7. The creepy Red Light, Green Light doll is 100% real

A horse carriage museum called Macha Land in Jincheon County is where the doll was discovered. The doll was supposed to be kept within the museum, but owing to a communication error, it was conspicuously displayed outside, appearing to be guarding the entrance to the Macha Land. The three-meter-tall doll was taken down from the display because it drew far too much attention. We don’t know for sure where the doll came from at this time. Some claim that it was created especially for the series, while others assert that it was an existing item that was just borrowed for Squid Game. It has become one of Korea’s most popular sights, nonetheless. We wonder if Macha Land will finally put it back on exhibit!

8. The actors essentially had to participate in the games in real life –

In the tug-of-war sequence, a machine pulled one end of the rope while the cast pulled the other. Oh Il-best Nam’s advice had to be followed in full because they were essentially forced to play the game with a machine. Lee Jung-jae claims that despite having been in several action films, filming the scene for Squid Game was one of the most exhausting he’s ever experienced.

HoYeon Jung stated that “filming Glass Stepping Stones was genuinely horrifying” in regards to the glass jumping sequence. They had to jump 1.5 metres above the ground on actual tempered glass. The players undoubtedly experienced genuine dread while filming the sequence, or at the very least, were nervous. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk claimed that standing at this height alone is enough to make you afraid.

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