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Internationalization and localization in CodeIgniter 4

Internationalization and localization in CodeIgniter 4

Internationalization and localization in CodeIgniter 4: This tutorial could explai how to use the internationalization and localization features of CodeIgniter 4 to support multiple languages in your web application.

CodeIgniter 4 includes support for internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n), which allow you to create a web application that can be easily translated into different languages.

To use the i18n and L10n features in CodeIgniter 4, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Enable internationalization in your application by setting $useI18n to true in the App class located in app/Config/App.php.
  2. Create language files for each language you want to support. These files should be placed in the app/Language directory, and should be named using the language code as the filename, followed by an underscore and the country code (e.g. en_US.php for American English).
  3. In each language file, create an array of language strings using the desired language keys as the array keys, and the translated strings as the values. For example:
$lang['hello'] = 'Hello';
$lang['goodbye'] = 'Goodbye';
  1. To display a translated string in your view or controller, use the lang() function, which takes the language key as its first argument and the language file as its second argument (optionally). For example:
echo lang('hello', 'en_US'); // Outputs "Hello"
echo lang('goodbye'); // Outputs "Goodbye" (assuming the current language is set to en_US)
  1. To switch between languages, use the setLanguage() method of the App class. This method takes the language code as its argument, and sets the current language for the application. For example:
$app = new \CodeIgniter\Application();
$app->setLanguage('es_ES'); // Set the current language to Spanish (Spain)
  1. You can also use the getSupportedLocales() method of the App class to get a list of the supported locales for your application. This method returns an array of locale codes, which can be used to create a language switcher for your application.
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