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Best 10 Netflix Series 🎬 you must watch or you might not make heaven 🕊️😹😹

Best 10 Netflix Series 🎬 you must watch or you might not make heaven 🕊️😹😹


Netflix is the best place to watch series and movies. You can find all the latest shows, but if you are looking for something specific, then this list will help you.


Dark is a Netflix Original Series that follows the story ofJacob Linklater, a young man who becomes obsessed with online conspiracy theories. After he comes across an article claiming that the world will end on December 21st, 2019 and he tries to stop it from happening. The show has received critical acclaim for its cinematography and acting performances. It is currently streaming on Netflix in all regions around the world!


PEAKY BLINDERS is a British crime drama series that follows the Shelby crime family in Birmingham, England, during the aftermath of World War I. The series premiered on BBC Two on November 21, 2015 and concluded on December 18, 2016 with four seasons.

The first season received critical acclaim from critics and viewers alike, with many publications naming it as one of their “Best Of” shows for 2015-2016.[5][6][7]. Season 2 was released in 2016[8], followed by a third season in 2017.[9]

The fourth season premiered on January 6th 2019[10], which will be followed by another two seasons later this year.[11][12]


Stranger Things is a science fiction horror web television series created by the Duffer Brothers. The first season was released in July 2016, and the second season was released in October 2017. It is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in 1983. The plot follows Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who goes missing after being abducted by what appears to be paranormal activity at his home; Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) helps Will’s friends find him and save him from an evil entity known as “The Demogorgon”.

The Duffer brothers said that they wanted their show to have a 1980s feel with references made throughout each episode.[4] They also wanted “strange things” such as monsters and demons instead of traditional humans or animals since those would be more frightening than normal ones.[5]


  • About the show
  • What is it about?
  • Who is in it?
  • How long does it take to watch it?


The Queen’s Gambit is a psychological thriller that follows the story of two detectives, Jane and Calvin, who are working to solve their latest case. The series stars Morena Baccarin as Jane and Rupert Everett as Calvin in this Netflix original series.

The Queen’s Gambit is set in London and tells the story of two detectives trying to solve a violent crime at St James Theatre where they work together every day during their shift before finding out that there may be more going on than meets the eye!

In addition to being an excellent piece of writing with some great performances from both lead actors (and supporting ones), The Queen’s Gambit packs quite an emotional punch too – especially if you’re someone who loves something dramatic like this will likely mean a great deal for your life…


Narcos is a Netflix Original Series, based on the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It’s an American crime drama series created by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. The show follows DEA agent Javier Pena (Wagner Moura) as he tries to take down Escobar through a combination of old school tactics and new technology like drones that can target members of his cartel from up to 2 miles away.

Narcos premiered on August 29th 2015 with 10 episodes that are over 2 hours long each (each season has 12 episodes). There have been three seasons since then: Season 3 was released in July 2017; Season 4 will premiere September 21st 2019; and Season 5 will follow sometime in 2020 or 2021 depending on how things go with production here at Netflix Studios in Los Angeles!


Cobra Kai is a YouTube Red Original Series, and it’s a sequel to the Karate Kid film. The show follows the story of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence as they try to make amends after their lives go sour 30 years later.

The series was created by Josh Schwartz (creator of Gossip Girl) and Jon Hurwitz (writer/director of Jonah Hill’s directorial debut). It was also produced by Robert Downey Jr., who stars in this series alongside William Zabka as Mr Miyagi, Ralph Macchio as Johnny Lawrence/Ralph Macchio Jr., Brittney Wilson as Linda Blosser-Lawrence (Johnny’s mother), Miguel Ferrer as Mr Miyagi Sr., Patrick Fabian as Nicky Cobb-Lawrence (Daniel’s son), Ryan Gosling plays across from Leo Dicaprio on this one!

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Netflix original series Money Heist is a comedy crime drama that follows five people who plan to rob the world’s largest casino in Las Vegas. Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman and Isla Fisher star as friends who get together once a year to plan this heist.

The show was created by Fernando Giner (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) and stars French actor Mathieu Amalric (The Grand Budapest Hotel) as one of their accomplices during the robbery attempt which becomes more complicated when things go wrong and they have to escape from police officers chasing them down! It’s an interesting concept but it could have been executed better than what we got here – although there’s some funny moments here & there too


  • The series was released in 2019
  • It’s about a group of friends who are playing a game, which they call “Squid Game.”
  • The game is played by the group of friends at night, when it’s dark outside and there’s no one else around.
  • They each have their own special ability that helps them win at this game: for instance, one person can make balls appear out of nowhere; another has incredible hearing; another can see into the future…and so on!


All of Us Are Dead is a sci-fi drama in which the main characters are all dead. The show takes place in a world where people can be brought back to life by a company that keeps track of their health and makes sure they’re healthy enough to die again.

All Of Us Are Dead is one of Netflix’s most successful shows, with an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on IMDB and over 11 million views across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter combined since its release in July 2018 (it was remade into two films). It follows the story of five strangers – including one who’s been brought back from being clinically dead – who try to figure out what happened during a mysterious accident that killed them all off unexpectedly.”


It is difficult to pick the best Netflix series, but we have tried our best. We hope you found our list useful. If you have any suggestions or comments, please share them with us on Twitter using #SpotnShow

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