About Us

randomfacts4u.com is a site where you can explore the greater possibilities of the facts that you might have not heard about. Even if someone had ever heard about this, they might not be having deep knowledge about the truth and elements. We go through the facts and theory and analyze all the aspects so the accurate information reaches our audience. We work on the topics related to as high as the sky, as deep as the ocean, as weird as Vantablack, as pleasant as a rainbow. 

Some stories might seem very simple but they turn out to be very complex when we analyze the facts. So here we illustrate them in a very easy to understand way for our audience. We daily publish original articles on the random facts and their precise elaboration on our site.

randomfacts4u.com/hindi is a portal where we post the same stories with Hindi translation, keeping in view to engage Hindi reading audiences. There is practically no difference in English and Hindi articles. The Hindi page is developed with a view to create more awareness and reach out to more people. 

As far as we keep receiving the support of the audience we’ll be posting the stories to engage our great audience.